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TOPIC atoz
pubic hair 6
" white boys" 2
25 anniversary of Jessie Spano's caffeine pill meltdown 2
47 minutes in already? 2
9/11 video game 2
@mikemcgintyface on twitter 2
Afro off 2
All asses are welcome ( mostly ) 2
Another Awolnation song for break 2
Another awolnation song for the outro 2
Ariana Grande Vs. the skinny shamers on Instagram 2
Ariana Grande has nice eyes and is indirectly responsible for my most successful show 2
Authentic Halloween costumes don't make one a racist 2
Bad idea for a mayor 2
Be responsible media 2
Ben Carson the creationist 2
Bernie Sander's wants to end federal laws against marijuana 2
Black on white hate crimes 2
Black sports online? 2
Closing down periscope and getting ready for videos 2
Creep was asking girl if she was going to be home alone of Halloween 2
Culture phenomenon in it's douchiness 2
Dealing with adversity as a white person 2
Does anybody use e mail anymore? 2
E mail is antiquated at this point 2
Fat Chris Christie 2
Flashing my boobs for periscope 2
Free market capitalist constitutionalist 2
Funny line in the story 2
Gay porn boxer lied about being drugged 2
Gay porn boxer update 2
Gay sex 2
Get back to the stories asshole 2
Gimp suit 2
Gym teacher recording 14 year old girl changing 2
Gym teacher story 2
Halloween 2
Has the show been good so far 2
He cites many poor examples that have nothing to do with the white privilege myth 2
He deleted the video but had a still photo 2
He does enjoy all theses gay sex acts that I graphically list 2
He tries to say if white privilege doesn't exist then racism doesn't exist 2
He was dragged kicking and screaming out of the closet 2
How much time needs to pass until things like that are okay 2
I am happy with the periscope show thus far 2
I assume he was conscious during the scene 2
I can make myself levitate when sitting native American style 2
I can play this song because I have a chance to set it up 2
I can't compete with sail 2
I come off like a fool at times 2
I could go all day 2
I didn't give a fuck about being live this week 2
I didn't watch the video 2
I do not support the criminal element 2
I don't 2
I don't give a fuck what people think 2
I don't have much time left for this show 2
I don't mind pubic hair every so often 2
I don't understand periscope viewership 2
I don't want to be a gimp 2
I fuck up speaking AGAIN 2
I get some shit wrong in this story 2
I got a hair cut 2
I have a masturbation story!! 2
I have never had an issue with a black person 2
I have zero privilege 2
I like mixed genres and off beat weirdness in music 2
I look like 1993 Howard Stern 2
I look like I may have a stroke 2
I lost my train of thought 2
I need a new method for my sound clips 2
I realize I was wrong about the politician 2
I shave down 2
I start whoing like an owl for some reason 2
I support aliens 2
I support it 2
I support the black community 2
I support you 2
I swear too much 2
I want to be part of black sports online with my levitating 2
I was right! 2
I wonder if he was dressed up 2
I would like to do the show daily 2
I wouldn't enjoy a hairy ass 2
I'll @mention the fuck 2
I'll debate him 2
I'm a naturally hairy fuck 2
I'm annoying myself with the set -up 2
I'm black 2
I'm digging the warm weather 2
I'm going to ignore periscope 2
I'm not an ideologue 2
I'm not into it 2
I'm putting my afro on 2
I'm putting the Afro back on 2
I'm sweating 2
If you don't know the situation shut the fuck up 2
Insulting the ad 2
It doesn't need to be racially divisive 2
It is shitty to do 2
It should be a level playing field 2
It's not looking good for Christie or Paul 2
It's social economics not racial 2
Jared Fogel audio discussion 2
Jazzed up in the fucking morning 2
Jimmy Snuka pleads not guilty 2
Johnny Gomes speech 2
Jump on board the positivity train 2
Krista getting ready for work 2
Krista is getting ready for work and just flipped me off 2
Legality of recording people in public 2
Lesbian and gay male gym teachers in the locker room 2
Lets ban the term white boy 2
Lets do it 2
Lets read that story and call that guy an asshole 2
Libertararnism Vs. Socialism 2
Listen to the audio on 2
Live on periscope 2
Look up the story yourself 2
Look who's leaving 2
Losing periscope viewers because I put saving my life on them 2
Man killed because he ate the last piece of chicken 2
Man masturbating while peeping on sorority girl showering 2
Masturbation story 2
Maybe I'll @mention this guy too 2
Maybe I'll go shirtless 2
Maybe she wants to get a white guy 2
Mayor wears KKK costume 2
McGinty podcast 2
Media is pissing off the Mike McGinty 2
Mic cord is tangled 2
Mike McShinty the guy that fucks up his words all the time 2
Minorities have an advantage in many ways 2
My drunk guy sounds like Harry Carey 2
My terrible baseball predictions 2
My throat is hurting from yelling 2
My voice is hoarse 2
Negative story! 2
New era of positivity 2
No 2
Not worth dying for big fat ass 2
Now I'm alone 2
Open invitation to Johnny to return to the show 2
Opie and Anthony's perv switch bit 2
Out of respect for that I'm going to sit native American style 2
People have the right to protest and speak out against the club 2
Periscope freezes 2
Porn company threatened to sue him 2
Positivity 2
Private clubs should have the right to deny anybody they want 2
Race gender and sexual orientation should never matter 2
Racism doesn't equal white privilege 2
Racist term? 2
Rand Paul's faith speech that I can't agree with 2
Recapping the Ariana Grande story from that show 2
Religious influence on the republican party 2
Restarting periscope 2
Rocking the Afro 2
Russian guy arrives to insult Mike McGinty 2
SAD no more 2
Saved by the bell 2
School shooting stats 2
Sex slavery 2
Shelfing the set - up 2
Shelving the headline bit? 2
Should he have been fired 2
Shutting down periscope 2
Sid wore shirts with swastikas on it 2
Sneeze 2
Snuka can't even form a thought these days 2
Socialists and Libertarians can come together on this 2
Stop blaming white people 2
Stop watching my videos and listen to the audio people 2
Telling the periscope viewers to call an ambulance if that happens 2
Telling the story of buying my house 2
Thank you for helping with show prep 2
The WB term 2
The boxer is bisexual 2
The mask 2
The media dictating the narrative 2
The media is causing much of the racial division 2
The most qualified person should ALWAYS get the job 2
The myth that is white privilege 2
The politician was right 2
The positivity train 2
The type of ass I enjoy 2
The video's are far more successful 2
They only did that because I'm white!!!! 2
This guy can't speak to faculty and staff? 2
This guy has worked there for 8 years 2
This is the Mike McGinty show 2
This is white privilege intro to the show? 2
This reporter claims most white people never experience racism 2
This story isn't that good and isn't long enough 2
This was on Halloween 2
This wouldn't happen if they smoked weed 2
This writer is dumb 2
Town rallies behind pedophile and blames victim 2
up-solid down-solid